WisconsinArtists.org Featuring Paul Bobrowitz Jr.Metal Sculptor.wmv

If you’re driving around the Holy Hill area, you must stop in Colgate, Wisconsin and meet metal sculptor, Paul Bobrowitz Jr. Walk around his amazing 6 ½ acre sculpture garden filled with thousands of incredible sculptural works of art both large and small. Bring your camera!

Monches Farm – Specimen Resource -Wisconsin Garden Video Blog 54.wmv

We’re fortunate to live within 20 miles from one of Wisconsin’s premier plant grower who provides new variations along with heritage specimen plants to Wisconsin gardeners. Join us as we take you on a quick tour of Monches Farm in Colgate, Wisconsin located about 6 miles SE of Holy Hill.

Boerner Botanical Garden – Wisconsin Garden Video Blog 57.wmv

On this glorious sunny mid-October day join us on our field trip to Wisconsin’s Boerner Botanical Gardens. In 1929 Charles B. Whitnall and Alfred L. Boerner shared a dream, to create a magnificent park space specializing in a new field of study Architectural Landscaping, displaying plant materials that would enhance area homes, businesses, industry and…

Gourds In My Trees – Wisconsin Garden Video Blog 58.wmv

I only planted 6 seeds and wound up with a harvest of barrel gourds some even hanging 20+ feet up in the air, clinging to my evergreen trees. Somehow they escaped my attention during this really hot summer. But now it’s kind of like growing your own Christmas ornaments without ever having to install them.

Garden Neighborhood Walk – Wisconsin Garden Video Blog 59.wmv

A lot has changed in our neighborhood over the past 30 years. More families are landscaping their properties by eliminating manicured lawn areas with more flower beds and vegetable gardens. Where manicured lawns used to stretch from house to the road, roadside gardens are popping up all over many more neighborhoods. Take a quick walk…