Bbq with Mark

Mark takes his bbqing seriously. He has spoiled me as I don’t like to order hanburgers, steaks or salmon at a restaurant as they just aren’t as good as what he cooks at home. Sorry, this video is definitely for the carnivores 🙂

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This is from Mark:
“I always keep the burners on high but some grills are very hot so people need to find their own sweet spot and then time the cooking at that temp. Ideal cooking time is around 10 minutes for chicken and steaks if they are about 1” thick. Thicker stuff gets tricky because the outside can burn while trying to cook the thick interior. Grill prep is wire brush the grills before each use . I put both burners on during warmup to burn the small stuff off the grates too. Old stuff on the grates cause food to stick so a clean grill is a happy grill.”

Thank you so much for watching…I truly do appreciate it.

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Music: Original Composition by Mark
Camera used: Canon Vixia HF G30
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